The Material Matcha Uji 宇治 Story

Material Matcha Uji 宇治 is the story of two friends, living in Japan for years, whom went on a quest for purity.

After due time spent in the dry world of business and finance, the two Frenchmen unreservedly let go and embarked on an journey to find and salvage the rarest tea making techniques.
They went straight to the source: the cradle of tea culture in Japan, Uji, Kyoto.

While they explored undiscovered flavours and confidential crafts, they met masters of tea-making. The masters, compelled by their wish to perpetuate ancient knowledge & excellence, gave MMU宇治 their blessing.

From their own atelier in Uji, MMU宇治 assess, design and supervise all steps of matcha making, pushing the boundaries of what the guardians themselves would deem “possible”.

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